Terms of Use W-LAN Hotel Krone

By entering the wireless key, you agree to the following conditions:


You do not visit pornographic and / or racist or other banned sites.

You do not send emails with pornographic or racist content.

You do not download or upload large files.

You do not block the transfer rate with playing online games.

You do not load files (music, movies, etc.)


All entries are logged and can be tracked for 90 days.Should problems arise from the infringement, we will analyze the log file and report it.We will also take into account all costs!


We can not guarantee availability and security, and assume no liability for any damage.

We reserve the right, to interrupt the Service at any time and without prior notice and giving reasons.

The data transmission in the WLAN is intercepted. For encryption, you must make by yourself, For example, through VPN connections to your corporate network.

Attacks from the Internet or Guest network, we can not prevent. For the protection of your system, for example, by personal firewall and virus scanner, you must do by yourself.

User name and connection data (IP, MAC store address, hours) and we process up to 180 days, the extent of performance, error, or misuse of analysis needed. Data are given as needed to police and prosecutors.

Username and password may be used only by you and only for the duration of your presence. You need to keep the data secret.

You must comply with all laws. The operation of a server or the range of (IT) services over the access is also prohibited.

By entering the Wifi-key, you agree to these terms.


In case of violation we set the WIFI offline


Range and performance of the system:

Conference room, reception and restaurant area, some rooms/suites
WLAN-Standard 802.11a/b/g/n

Free registration with own ticketing system by code
(One ticket is valid for 24 hours)
Wireless Operation: Mo-Mo, 0-24 clock (subject to availability)

How to find us

Hotel Krone GmbH | the Rhomberg family

Hatlerstraße 2 | 6850 Dornbirn | Austria
T: +43 5572 22720 | F: DW 73