The history of Hotel Krone is the history of our family.

Our mother and grandmother Maria Rhomberg played a leading role in this history. In spite of being widowed with two small childern, it was she who took on the development of the Krone, previously a simple inn, into a guest-house with a few rooms. In the opinion of granddaughter Bettina: „I was really impressed by what my grandma did. In those days, for a woman on her own to build and run a guest-house: that was really unusual.“ 
Maria Rhomberg arranged things so well that she was soon able to extend the guest-house. Initially her two sons helped out in the kitchen. But gradually Thomas Rhomberg began to participate increasingly in the running of the hotel, and helped build up its tradition of hospitality.

1816 Guest-house with a seating capacity of 80

1962 Guest-house extension, with a capacity of 30 beds

1978 Enlargement of the restaurant to a capacity of approx. 280

1993 Construction of the main building to comprise 49 rooms

2007 The owners open the Garden Villa opposite the main building, with a capacity of 14 additional rooms: a clear indication of the way things are going for Hotel Krone. 

2012 The family of Thomas Rhomberg takes over the exclusive running of the Krone Hotel

2013 Thomas, together with his wife Christine and their daughter Bettina, undertakes a landmark move in the history of the Krone Hotel: the addition of a conservatory. Christine Rhomberg explained her concept of introducing a sunlit breakfast room: „We wanted to bring more light into the building, and to create a space where our guests would feel connected to the outside world“.

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