Our cooks and their menus

Head chef Walter Feurstein, sous chef Krstic Boban and cooks De Guzman Roel, Stefan Schmid, Mathias Mayer breakfast cook Somporn Chotprommarat and trainees Celestine Linder, Siriphon Paenkaew, Muammer Gündüz, Michelle King, Oliver Fenkart, Benjamin Buchhäusl are determined that their respective talents will enhance the guests’ enjoyment and gastronomic experience.
Sükrieye Dikicioglu, Ayse Halaster and Durdu Celik are there to ensure that crockery, glasses and cutlery are all as clean as a whistle, and to guarantee the highest possible standard of cleanliness in the kitchen.

„Based on good local food but open to international trends“ is how our head chef, Walter Feurstein,desccribes his approach to cooking. Together with his faithful team of 6-7 cooks and 5-6 trainees, he has been cooking „something to please everybody“ or the last 25 years.

Head chef Walter Feurstein and his team of cooks welcome you to the lunch menu.

If you wish, you can compile your own individual party menu and simply let us know 14 days in advance. Or, if you prefer, let Walter Feurstein, our head chef, advise you. He would be happy to put together a seasonal menu to accommodate your personal preferences, including vegetarian menu options.

How to find us

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Hatlerstraße 2 | 6850 Dornbirn | Austria
T: +43 5572 22720 | F: DW 73