Attention to detail – the Krone cuisine

„Based on good local food but open to international trends“ is how our head chef, Walter Feurstein,desccribes his approach to cooking. Together with his faithful team of 6-7 cooks and 5-6 trainees, he has been cooking „something to please everybody“ or the last 25 years.

Put more simply, this means that guests at the Krone can opt for traditional dishes such as goulash, schnitzels and Beuschel (braised chopped lungs). Those who prefer a modern, seasonally orientated cuisine, will find a number of more unusual dishes plus a vegetarian selection on the menu. Of course, there are some specialities without which the Krone restaurant menu would not be the same. Take, for example, "Liver a la Krone", which is a regular favourite. The one thing on which our head chef will not compromise, and which is equally applicable to any item on the menu, is    that all ingredients are of the highest quality, and that all dishes are freshly cooked.

The proof that everything in our kitchen is freshly prepared is evident in the high number of staff working there. Our chef is convinced that „the taste of the finished product is a dead give-away as to whether the potatoes were freshly peeled or whether they were delivered already sliced.“ In his opinion, working with fresh ingredients makes for really satisfying work.. Walter Feurstein is proud of his work: „You have this raw product in front of you; you can see and feel how fresh it is, and you can use it to create something new with your own hands: that’s a real buzz“ says our chef.

Food preparation is not the only place where attention to detail is in evidence. Visitors who go to the Krone restaurant, attracted by its reputation as „the place to go for a special meal“ have written: „The staff make you feel like a fellow human being. There’s a feeling of genuine warmth and friendliness there, and of attentiveness towards the guest. These are little things, but they all add up to feeling appreciated.“

How to find us

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