Dining options


The restaurant has a pleasant, peaceful atmosphere. Its rather traditional decor gives it a sense of permanence and tranquility, which is something our guests seem to appreciate. Choose between smaller or larger tables, all of which are sufficiently far apart to ensure the diners’ privacy.

The wine parlour

Historically the wine parlour is the hotel’s oldest dining room: it was here that our grandmother used to welcome her guests. And today’s guests still dine here in the time-honoured tradition, their privacy ensured by the wood-panelled alcoves in which the tables are situated.

The gentlemen’s meeting room

The gentlemen’s meeting room is a light, airy place, where the men originally met up to play cards, or gathered after church on a Sunday morning for a (frequently liquid!) brunch. Even today this congenial room  is the perfect place to meet up with friends, relax and – yes! –  play cards.

The conservatory

With the addition of the conservatory in 2013, we were able to offer our guests a space where, thanks to the extra light accessing the building, they could enjoy the sensation of being connected to the outside world.

The Krone terrace

The Krone terrace adjoins the conservatory, and is a popular place to make the most of the warm summer weather.

The banqueting hall

The banqueting hall is the ideal place for larger groups of guests to be wined and dined. When necessary this room can also be divided up into smaller sections. We would be happy to arrange the tables to suit your own individual requirements.

Maitre d’hote Christian Borchert and his team Rada Balta, Christa Berktold, Michaela Hagen, Stephanie Fassnacht, Petra Kalb, Manuel Madlener and Michaela Schulz will be delighted to wait on you and help in any way they can.
At breakfast you will be looked after by Elisabeth Hämmerle, Beate Wernig and Tahire Doberdolani. Our trainee waiting staff Simon Thurnher, Kimberley Mair, Lisa-Marie Hämmerle and Laura Mennel back up the rest of the team with great enthusiasm. Behind the scenes, ensuring that everything goes like clockwork, are Pimonrat Bootrat, Irene Affuso and Sonja Diem.

How to find us

Hotel Krone GmbH | the Rhomberg family

Hatlerstraße 2 | 6850 Dornbirn | Austria
T: +43 5572 22720 | F: DW 73