Please do touch! The inatura natural history museum specialises in displays covering every aspect of man, technology and the natural world..
In the museum interactive games and video displays share the limelight with live mini-beasts and animal products which can be picked up and looked at. 

The latest exhibition highlight involves a trip through the human body.   Questions such as: on which different systems is the human body dependent for survival? How do we actually function? What do these systems do and how are they best provided for? How are we able to think, feel, experience? This is a trip through our own vital organs and, involving use of all our senses, provides a light-hearted way of learning how our body functions and how we can look after it.

Its’s an exhibition which provides a new, palatable way of understanding our own existence. It’s an attempt to answer the fascinating question „how“. The question „why“? Well, that’s a completely different story!

In addition, on your way through inatura’s permanent displays, not only are you confronted by many unsual aspects of historical and industrial science, but also a number of technical exhibitions, the so-called Science Zones. There are over 40 of these interactive exhibitions, all of which provide an entertaining way of understanding various technical and physical phenomena.

Topical temporary exhibitions, a restaurant, a playground and the city park make inatura a brilliant destination for groups and families alike.

How to find us

Hotel Krone GmbH | the Rhomberg family

Hatlerstraße 2 | 6850 Dornbirn | Austria
T: +43 5572 22720 | F: DW 73